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" Attila Balint hails from a small European country. After graduating he decided to enroll at Bols Bartender Academy. Budapest, the Hangar-7 in Salzburg, and diverse cruise companies acquired to him various skills, knowledge, and opportunity, to apply for a Bar Master school in Germany. Carinthia and Frankfurt amMain were a the places he called home before he decided to work in Asia. Since October 2013, a passionate, Hungarian with warm hospitality has been welcoming all the local and international guests at NUO Hotel Beijing. Tradition, tea and handcrafted drinks are the signatures his guests have come to expect.  "

If you want to create a new concept for your venue or want to learn more about Teaology, please send me a message below.

I am happy to assist you in the new journey

The Host
The Educator

The first touchpoint with a positive impression of the O'Bar. Friendly, excellent service, and a very prominent part of that feeling of being served at the bar. A fun-loving personality who makes customers want to return over and over again. Great interpersonal charisma and the ability to accommodate special customer requests. Always listen attentively to guests, and connect with people’s emotions.

Helps to acquire knowledge, competencies, various values and specific skills. Coaches individuals to become what is essential — to develop into human beings who are fully alive. Stands shoulder to shoulder with the learner and shares a vision of what can be or how to become better. "I am there to support, encourage and lend a guiding hand. "

a leader, a mentor of others, give creative direction and guidance to a  team in the day-to-day work,  alongside leading the team, developing creative guidelines and directing creative work, steer the vision for a brand and makes sure the brand puts itself out there in the best way possible. plant seeds, and these deep roots will guide the team how to create an experience. 

IHK Barmaster
State Proved Master of Bartending

Bar Manager
WSET L3 Sake Sommelier

ITA Certified Tea Sommelier
Project Manager
Owner of Teaology

Attila Balint

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